A new documentary takes a historical stroll down Main Street

Lights. Camera. SACK. With the downtown Hackensack revitalization campaign in full swing, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation and The SACK Business Alliance are partnering together to develop a new docuseries centered around first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs from the area.

“Given the context of Hackensack’s significant redevelopment, we are excited to work with The SACK Business Alliance on this timely and important project to capture the unearthed stories and influence of the city’s immigrant business owners,” said Danielle De Laurentis the Associate Director at the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation. “We see this project as a way to highlight their contributions as integral to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the downtown and the city’s overall authentic identity.”

The documentaries will help to showcase the value of the “old” Hackensack to the influx of new residents—those who have contributed to the rich culture on Main Street while achieving their version of the American dream. Helmed by New Jersey-based, award-winning filmmaker Dana Glazer, the project will consist of five-minute films that will capture the current cultural impact immigrant businesses have had on Main Street and how they will reshape the future of The SACK. The series will also examine the roles immigrant businesses play in creating and maintaining the cultural identity of downtown Hackensack.

To generate buzz and find the perfect standout individuals to tell their stories through film, The SACK Business Alliance promoted the project on social media and throughout the Main Street corridor in December and the beginning of January. After numerous local business submissions, the applicants were narrowed down to four worthy candidates. Each one will have their own personal story featured in their own mini-documentary filmed by Dana Glazer. Once finished, the films will be part of an interactive feature on The SACK Business Alliance website (downtownhackensack.org) that will also provide the opportunity for other residents to offer up their own unique experiences on Main Street. These films will also be presented at citywide public events this summer and autumn.

However you see these stories come to life, you will be treated to a glimpse of what’s special about this vibrant culture that’s alive and kicking in the heart of The SACK.