Bryan Hekemian

Downtown Hackensack: Revitalized and ready for the future

Over 15 years ago, The Main Street Business Alliance (now aptly called The SACK Business Alliance) was tasked with promoting the revitalization of the district. The prime catalyst to accomplish this goal was turning Main Street into a two-way street.

Bryan Hekemian

Bryan Hekemian
The Sack Business Alliance

We were hoping this would significantly improve commerce and are beyond thrilled to start to see it become a reality. We increased traffic, so that stores and restaurants could benefit – and help make it more convenient for local residents and out-of-area shoppers. We are also seeing new apartments springing up that are expanding our diverse community – made up of people who are helping to renew our sense of pride for the area.

Downtown is reenergized and is becoming the go-to place for local culture, health, art and music. Similar to our NY neighbors, we have a melting pot of backgrounds – people from all walks of life. Individuals who all have a personal interest in seeing Downtown Hackensack continue to thrive. And it’s not just retailers starting to experience this revitalized energy. You see it on the faces – connecting over coffee, walking along the streets and playing their music in the bars. All generations from all different backgrounds bringing equality and inclusion to Bergen County’s Main Street.

I was proud that The SACK Business Alliance was a sponsor and an integral part of the Juneteenth celebration. Michael Hammond of Elevate did an amazing job of making this historic day a memorable one. It just shows that we all have deep roots in this community and see ourselves joined together as a family.

So, what has truly helped revitalize Downtown Hackensack? You. The people of this incredible city we are proud to meet and support.

The best is yet to come.