Downtown Hackensack Survey: Let your voice be heard

It’s always important to bring about change, but in some cases it’s more important to take a step back and listen first. The latter is the route The Sack Business Alliance (SBA) and the Special Improvement District (SID) are taking with their Downtown Hackensack Stakeholder Survey. Local property owners, residents, Main Street businesses—the goal of the survey is to reach out to all these groups and help both organizations understand how they can support the economic success of Downtown Hackensack.

The survey itself takes a few minutes to complete. Aside from standard demographic questions, the survey offers rating scale questions and open-ended questions that delve deeper into your connection to Downtown Hackensack. You want to see more lights up during the holidays? You find parking is a pain in the you know what? You want more events like Food Truck Fridays? The SACK wants to know it all—even how you envision this area in the future.

“For us, this represents our chance to not just see improvements we need to make, but also develop a greater understanding of how The SACK emotionally resonates with residents, businesses and property owners,” said Chris Bernardo, President & CEO, Commercial District Services LLC. “These questions will help us truly see our strengths and areas for improvement.”

To take the survey, click here, which will be up for the next thirty days. Once The SACK data is collected it will be analyzed and compiled into a report with actionable next steps for both the SBA and SID.

“Regardless of the results, we are proud of what this survey will accomplish,” Bernardo concluded. “Allowing all residents who live, work and play in Downtown Hackensack to have a voice that is heard.”