John T. Peters and the first shipment of flowers for Main Street

New Flowers and Plants on Main Street!

John T. Peters and the first shipment of flowers for Main Street

John T. Peters and the first shipment of flowers for Main Street

Hello everyone!

As the Executive Director of the Downtown Hackensack Business Alliance, I am thrilled to announce the recent addition of flowers and plants to the flower beds along Main Street. We’re making great progress on our beautification projects with the City of Hackensack. Personally, I can’t wait for you to see all the vivacious hues and experience the enticing scents of these fresh flowers and plants. We think that adding this flora will improve Main Street’s overall appearance and feel, making Hackensack a better place to live, work, and play.

For the beds, our skilled team of landscapers carefully chose a variety of perennials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also healthy for the environment. As you stroll down Main Street, you can now take in the sight of Phlox, Catmint, Day Lilies, Russian Sage, and other flowers. These new additions improve the environment and assist our community and the surrounding ecosystem in many ways.

The presence of plants improves Main Street’s aesthetic appeal. The flowers and plants’ hues, textures, and scents create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for locals and guests alike. These plants are not only beautiful, but they also offer vital habitats for pollinators, which are key to the preservation of our local ecosystems. By helping these creatures, we are also helping our gardens and open spaces stay healthy.

We would want to remind all pet owners of the significance of curbing their dogs as we work together to preserve the beauty of these new flower beds. We respectfully ask that you take the appropriate care to protect our fresh greenery from any harm caused by pet waste, which can be hazardous to plants and flowers. By doing this, these magnificent flowers and plants will flourish and be enjoyed by many.

We sincerely appreciate your help as we strive to improve Main Street’s aesthetics and livability. So be sure to stop, smell and enjoy the flowers!