Top 5 reasons to shop local in The SACK

Shopping takes many forms these days. Forgetting that last second something. Window browsing. And, of course, tracking down everything on your shopping list. The best part is, you can do all of that right here on Main Street. No fighting with the bridge and tunnel into the city. No malls. And best of all, with the new 2-way Main Street, driving and parking is a breeze. So, what’s great about shopping local? Here are our top five reasons.

Beauty knowledge. Finding that perfect shade of lipstick or just the right eyeliner isn’t always found on Google. It’s trying out the looks and, above all, talking to people who know makeup. Hackensack Beauty Supply (197 Main Street) and Alan’s Beauty Supply (207 Main Street) are two stores designed for that exact purpose. Aside from finding those hard-to-find beauty supplies, hair care products and makeup, the staff is also extremely knowledgeable. They know what products work for every skin tone type and what looks best on you. Not to mention you’ll find the best prices on the hottest brands.

The almighty dollar. If you’re looking for a bargain, yes, honestly there are dollar stores practically on every block. So, what gets people searching for bargains in The SACK? Stores like Dollars Begin (296 Main Street) and Dollar Strength (201 Main Street) offer a bigger selection and higher-quality—as opposed to the bargain basement items gathering dust on the other dollar store shelves.

Big names. Shopping local doesn’t have to mean lack of convenience. While it’s great to search for those elusive items, it’s always nice to know on Main Street you can go to a Target (630 Main Street) and CVS (110 Main Street) to find all the top brands you use every day along with the best pharmacies in the nation.

Pet love. That’s one thing Main Street is thankfully not missing. A neighborhood pet grooming, washing and supply store. Dogs. Cats. Barking on the BLVD (325 Main Street) has everything you need, plus an experienced staff that knows all about your best friend.

Grilling time. With spring here, and hopefully the nice weather following soon, it’d be nice to dust off the grill and start BBQing again. With ALDI you don’t have to go far to find fresh meats, produce, and seafood—along with all the fixin’s. Even gourmet foodies can find something delectable at the best price.

So, what do you love about shopping on Main Street? Let us know on our Instagram or Facebook pages.