What’s New Downtown? Juice Café Organic Market

Left to right: Shivonnie Pringle, Jacquemiel White and Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse, Jr. at the ribbon cutting.

Since 2002, Jacquemiel White worked at FedEx in New York, towing and fueling airplanes while dreaming of one day opening his own business. In July of 2020, that opportunity took flight in the form of the Juice Café.

Jacquemiel and Shivonnie Pringle witnessed firsthand the juice craze all over Manhattan and Hoboken – while in Hackensack, a steady influx of young athletic-minded residents flocked to gyms. Looking to build on this trend, they wanted to offer their own healthy spin to Downtown Hackensack. But like every other business in 2020, the pandemic made it next to impossible to stay open.

Since giving up on his vision was not an option, Jacquemiel turned to The SACK Business Alliance that was working with other Main Street businesses to keep their lights on. For Jacquemiel, help came in the form of the organization making the right calls to get his Juice Café up and running in six months.

With his doors finally open, Jacquemiel began offering juices with his own local flavor.

“We added a drink called the Hackensack,” he said. “We did it as a test run and had to put it on the menu ‘cause everybody loved it.”

Along with specialty drinks, he added a healthy menu consisting of gluten-free foods, vegetarian-friendly snacks and specialty items.

While word-of-mouth has proven to be a lifesaver, Jacquemiel is looking to partner again with The SACK Business Alliance to help with promotional efforts. He has also hired local residents and is trying to team up with gyms and other health-based businesses in the area.

For Jacquemiel, having his shop on Main Street is a testament to not just his perseverance, but how the community is evolving to become an area that embraces distinct lifestyles, and diverse cultures – both, responsible for the incredible resurgence in Downtown Hackensack.

Visit: juicecafe260d.com