What’s New Downtown? Meet Chris David of Kaizen Fitness

Left to right: Kaizen Fitness owner Chris David with The SACK Business Alliance Board Member, Eric Anderson.

March 2020. A time when the country was still coming to grips with a global pandemic that reshaped our realities. For Chris David, it was the opportunity to bring hope and health to the community of Hackensack with the opening of his fitness studio, Kaizen Fitness. The name, which stands for continuous improvement for the better, along with the symbol for freeing your mind to let your body create, are two methodologies near and dear to his heart.

For new business owners like Chris David, having The SACK Business Alliance on his side was integral in getting Kaizen Fitness off the ground – especially during those early times of uncertainty. With the help of Patrice Foresman and the rest of The SACK Business Alliance, they were able to spread the word about his fitness studio and even help Chris launch his extremely successful Strong Like a Woman event in Hackensack’s Atlantic Street Park – a free training program focused on empowering women.

“As a minority business owner, I’m excited about the future possibilities,” Chris said. “Especially with the launch of the You Up for Downtown? Hackensack revitalization campaign.”

This grassroots movement will focus on the growth of retail diversity. Chris, too, sees his own Kaizen Fitness studio as not just an outlet for those looking to sweat off calories, but to deliver a holistic, healthy lifestyle for the ever-expanding culture of Hackensack. He is also hoping to serve as an inspiration – helping up-and-coming minority entrepreneurs take that first step in opening their own businesses.

Learn more at kaizenfhw.com