What’s New Downtown? Shaun and Tamika of Blendid Rolled Ice Cream

Left to right: Blendid owners Tamika Benitez and Shaun Thompson, with Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse, Jr. at the ribbon cutting.

It was during the ribbon cutting ceremony that Shaun Thompson and Tamika Benitez knew this was finally all real. Blendid Rolled Ice Cream on Main Street was now officially open.
For the two Bronx natives, owning this business was a culmination of their vision to be part of a once again thriving community. They had researched Downtown Hackensack for over two years. Seeing firsthand the rich diversity and how minority-owned businesses were positively embraced, convinced the two that this was the best place where a neighborhood ice cream shop could make a real uplifting difference with the local youth. For them, opening during this climate presented risks, which is why they chose a pandemic-proof item that offered sweet rewards, ice cream – specifically hand-rolled ice cream with a healthy twist. Patrons can be treated to classic creamy flavors or fully vegan versions (including the toppings).

Shaun and Tamika are also looking to give back to the community.

“We do focus on children and teens,” said Shaun. “We actually have a swing in here for the kids, and many of our employees are from Hackensack High School.”

Shaun and Tamika are even in talks with Hackensack schools and camps to be part of future events once their ice cream truck is up and running.

The SACK Business Alliance is also partnering with Blendid to help promote their ice cream shop through social media and other outlets. Right now, though, Shaun and Tamika are just thrilled to be open and that they are officially part of what’s going on in The SACK!

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