ANNOUNCEMENT (1/29/20): Lombardo stepping down as Alliance Chairman — Hackensack

After 15 years as Chairman, Jerome Lombardo has announced his retirement from the Chairmanship of Hackensack’s Main Street Business Alliance. Formed in 2004, the Special Improvement District (SID) has worked continuously with each City Council with the goal of restoring Hackensack’s once-great business district.

The Alliance under Lombardo’s guidance has been credited with helping facilitate the process by providing each governing body with unique downtown partners who could bring to the table professional downtown planning, studies, science and feedback from the community. In the process, Hackensack’s city government moved to enact new, state of the art downtown zoning and ordinances that have resulted in nearly 2,500 new housing units that are presently approved or under construction. In addition, the downtown district has experienced a significant increase in economic and real estate activity. Property Values, tax ratables, and home values have all been on the rise as Hackensack is continuing to move towards its renaissance. Lombardo mentioned planning and zoning going forward and in particular thanked present Mayor John Labrosse, Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino and the current City Council for their tremendous commitment to the downtown, which he says will benefit the entire Hackensack community.

He noted, “I fully expect the City of Hackensack will soon rival Hoboken and Jersey City for residents who want a live, work, and play environment that offers more affordable living in an ideal location.” Lombardo plans to say active in the Alliance, focusing on community relations and plans to actively participate in the SID’s continued co-ordination with the City government. Bryan Hekemian, a longtime board member and Hackensack business owner, was tabbed as the incoming Chairman of the Alliance.