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Meet the Merchant:  Michelle: “Hackensack’s a big town with a lot of potential. In time it’s going to be both beautiful and convenient. We opened in the middle of April, so we’re brand-new and very excited to be here. It’s a great location, right here on the corner with good foot traffic. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the store. People know this brand, and we want to make them feel comfortable and at-home. The best part is making sure people get the phones they need and want—and we can even help finance them.”

Jorge: “T-Mobile is a big franchise, so everyone’s interested in stopping by, welcoming us, and seeing what we have. The construction on the street right now is a little inconvenient, but it’s leading to better things, more customers. The good news is we have products for a whole range of customers, from very affordable up to high-end. Hackensack is changing and we’re ready to serve new and long-time residents.” – Michelle Newman and Jorge Palacios

 Hours: Mon - Sat - 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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November 2, 2020