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About this episode:

VIDEO BELOW / AUDIO ABOVE: The Main Thing Show – a small business podcast – John chats with LeVar Thomas, owner of Iconic Coffee in Hackensack, making this an essential small business customer service podcast!

What you’ll learn in this Small Business Podcast episode:

On this episode of The Main Thing Show podcast, host John T. Peters is joined by guest LeVar Thomas who is the owner and operator of Iconic Coffee in Hackensack. John often uses LeVar as someone on Main Street who truly understands customer service and what people want and expect from a coffee shop experience. John and LeVar talk about staff training, the look and feel of an establishment, what business owners often overlook, and so much more.

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What IS The Main Thing Show Podcast?

THE MAIN THING SHOW is a video podcast guiding small businesses through the trials and tribulations of starting, running, operating, growing, and marketing their businesses. Episodes feature business owners of newly opened restaurants, bars, boutiques, tech shops, and many others.

Guests also include experts in all these areas to help small businesses thrive on Main Street, USA.

John T. Peters is the Executive Director of the Main Street Business Alliance, managing Downtown Hackensack’s Special Improvement District with 375 businesses. A serial entrepreneur since 1990, he has built and successfully sold two startups, including one international yacht cruise line and a travel technology company. John has also held senior executive roles, including President of USA Today’s Travel Media Group, and has been featured in major publications like the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal and many others.

Known for his expertise in business marketing and strategic partnerships, he provides innovative guidance to businesses and startups. He authored “Marketing on Main Street – Winning Strategies to Grow Your Small Business” and was recognized as an industry “Innovator of the Year.” A frequent speaker at global conferences, John has driven numerous successful ventures and initiatives. He proudly says he knows first-hand the stress of making payroll on Fridays.

Topics of the Small Business Podcast Include…

Small Business Marketing


Traditional & Digital Marketing

Strategic Partnerships

Grants & Funding

Service Excellence

Using AI and GenAI

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