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Stories on Main Street

Watch the films then tell us YOUR tale

Teaming up with the NNJCF (Northern New Jersey Community Foundation) and award-winning filmmaker Dana Glazer, the SBA proudly presents the Stories on Main Street Docu Series. Four, five-minute documentaries spotlighting immigrant business owners sharing their inspiring stories that explore our rich Main Street culture. All four films are available to watch right here on our site:

  1. Coffee Break
  2. Colombia Bakery Factory
  3. El Turco Grill
  4. Colombian Fashion Boutique

You can also explore our interactive Main Street Story map to find the location of each business and learn more about their heartwarming stories. You can even make your mark by adding your own inspirational story, which will be featured on our site. And don’t forget to take our mini post-film survey to share your opinions.

You’ve watched the films. Now tell us your inspirational tales. We want to know about your personal experiences, meaningful stories, or fun moments on Main Street. Just fill out the form below to let us know.

We want to collect YOUR stories for the site. Do you have a special moment, experience, or meaningful story that happened on Main Street and/or at a particular business or location in the Downtown? Let us know!


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