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Benito Rivero

Benito Rivero is a distinguished chef and restauranteur known for his culinary expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Born in Placetas, Cuba, Rivero has been a chef since 2002. With a strong foundation in Cuban gastronomy and a passion for creating exceptional dining experiences, Rivero owns Casual Habana, with locations in Hackensack and New Milford, both of which he opened in the mid-2000s. Their long-standing success in both cities is a testament to Rivero’s hard work and attention to authenticity, not to mention flawless execution and exceptional customer service.   

Rivero’s background includes culinary work in La Tour in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and Tom Collichio’s Craft Steak in New York. Rivero’s culinary experiences showcase his dedication to the craft and his commitment to understanding and pushing the boundaries of culinary excellence, all while maintaining his belief that humble ingredients prepared properly make for the best dishes.  

Rivero says his North Star belief is to “keep it simple, make it delicious, and personalize the dish with little twists.” Regarding restaurants, he believes they “should always be original in concept, look, and feel, and the cuisine should be the focus.”  

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Casual Habana Cafe
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