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Aww, thanks! Really. Thank you for your heartfelt praises and compliments. Your words inspire us to continue our mission and your support of the MSBA fuels our passion for making a difference in Hackensack.

From Benito Rivero, owner, Casual Habana Cafe.

“John, I wanted you to know how I’m feeling about Main Street and the MSBA efforts. Main Street is cleaner and well looked after. The cleaner streets and the beautiful flowers and trees have enhanced our area’s appeal. Your events, like Hackensacktoberfest, were a tremendous success, even boosting our business. And the video you did for Casual Habana now has over 100,000 views (how did you do that?), attracting many new followers and customers. I just wanted to let you know your efforts have made a remarkable impact on our community and business, so thank you.”

From the Team at the Johnson Public Library:

“The Main Street Business Alliance is such a wonderful partner to have in the community!  We’ve been thrilled to work with the Alliance on special events like the Hackensacktoberfest and initiatives like the new Downtown Hackensack Trend Report. Many thanks to John Peters for regularly reaching out and including us in the downtown happenings!”

Johnson Public Library’s Tara and Laurie with our Executive Director, John Peters

From Levar Thomas – Owner of Iconic Coffee:

“The Main Street Business Alliance has helped Iconic Coffee promote the interest of building a local community in the center of downtown Hackensack.  John has been an integral component advocating for networking within our Cafè.  John Peters’ leadership has already built great relationships to promote my company to other businesses and key influencers around the community. We look forward to seeing Hackensack continue to grow and flourish!”

John Peters and Levar Thomas

From Angela & Lucy Santopietro – Owners of V&T Salumeria: 

“What a difference we see here on Main Street this year! We’re so happy John is here. The Main Street Business Alliance is constantly promoting the businesses on Main Street and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Our family has been here on Main Street since 1977 and we’re excited to see what’s next in Hackensack.

From Nero Park – Owner of BEC Bagels:

“Main Street has been developing extremely fast for the past few years aesthetically and commercially. I’m happy with all these efforts and also with the Main Street Business Alliance helping to drive small business in Hackensack.”

What Others Say About the MSBA

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