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HACPAC Is Happening!

Imagine a day of exploring and dining in Downtown Hackensack. Then you roll over to State Street, just off Main, to the former Masonic Temple, now in its new life: the Hackensack Performing Arts Center (HACPAC). You sit down in an intimate theater for some terrific entertainment. Cool idea, huh? Well, it’s a reality! HACPAC is home to new artists (playwrights, musicians, directors, choreographers, and visual artists) AND professional theater companies and arts organizations. Settle in for premier performers, including Broadway and Hollywood stars, as well as Grammy-award-winning artists.

The Gallery at HACPAC is a captivating space where both local and professional artists converge to showcase their remarkable talent. HACPAC’s gallery is a dynamic hub that celebrates the diverse artistic expressions from within our community and beyond.

Atlantic Street Park is a small oasis nestled in the heart of downtown, where you’ll discover a vibrant and inviting space that serves as the cornerstone of the HACPAC complex. With its outdoor stage, lush grass, shade trees, and ample seating, the park provides a perfect setting for the HACPAC to showcase activities and entertainment in the open air.

Throughout the warm weather months, the park comes alive with a variety of events, including Shakespeare in the Park, Movies under the Stars, Sunset Yoga, mesmerizing concerts, captivating recitals, and delightful lunchtime gatherings.

The creation of this park is a testament to our city’s commitment to revitalizing the downtown area into a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use hub. Completed in the summer of 2015, Atlantic Street Park stands as one of the foremost achievements of our rehabilitation plan.

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