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Bergen County Economic Development & Business Resource Network (BRN)

Created by Bergen County Executive James J. Tedesco, the Board of Commissioners, and the Division of Economic Development in response to the COVID 19 crisis facing many of our 49,000+ businesses entities, the Bergen County Business Resource Network is a group of business agencies and advocates committed to giving you personalized guidance, and a range of programs and services to move your business forward – all at no cost. Whether you’re a business that is currently open, or thinking about opening in one of our 70 beautiful towns, we can help.

A short note from the MSBA:

We're very excited at the Main Street Business Alliance (MSBA) to partner with the Bergen County Economic Development team. What a wonderful, knowledgeable group of people whose mission it is to help you. This collaboration is perfect for entrepreneurs interested in opening a new business in Hackensack and looking for essential business assistance and grants. Together, we're committed to empowering our member businesses in the Special Improvement District here in Hackensack and providing the resources and support needed for our local businesses to flourish. This partnership marks a significant step towards fostering a thriving commercial environment on Main Street and beyond.

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