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Juice Café
Jacquemiel A White

As the CEO of Juice Cafe Organic Market, Jay embodies a commitment to delivering only the finest quality to customers. Under his leadership, this budding enterprise prioritizes offering juices, smoothies, and protein shakes crafted from top-tier organic fruits and vegetables. Jay’s dedication ensures that every customer receives an unparalleled experience from the moment they enter the establishment until their departure.

Prior to establishing Juice Cafe Organic Market, Jay displayed a strong work ethic in diverse fields. He spent over three years with Stericycle, a prominent medical waste firm, managing the transportation of critical medical waste from various medical facilities. This was followed by a tenure of four years at Teterboro Airport with Atlantic, where Jay excelled as an Airport Ramp Agent, ensuring that airplanes were adequately filled at all times. Additionally, in his role at FedEx, Jay showcased leadership capabilities as a Team Leader.

Now, as a proactive Board Member, Jay is keenly focused on continual learning and active listening. This approach empowers him to assist the Executive team in achieving their immediate objectives. Furthermore, Jay brings to the table innovative ideas to rejuvenate Main Street with increased activity and diverse business ventures.

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