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Two Seward Johnson sculptures installed on Atlantic Street!

“Relish Too?” and “Who’s in Charge?” – two Seward Johnson sculptures have been installed on Atlantic Street in Hackensack!

Last year’s very successful placement of the “Grabbing some peace” bronze by Seward Johnson was such a huge success, we’re proud to bring you the latest Creative Placemaking efforts. We’ve secured two – count’em, two bronzes by renowned artist, Seward Johnson. “Relish Too?” and “Who’s in Charge?” are lifelike bronze sculptures by Seward Johnson that will be on display through September. These two new pieces are part of the Main Street Business Alliance’s efforts to bring more art to the area. The program, called “Art on Main” is meant to make more art available for all residents and visitors to enjoy!

Does being with nature cause you to see the world differently? What do you discover? Do you feel differently? Seward Johnson often highlights the moments we pause, rather than the many hours we work or actively play.

Two Seward Johnson sculptures – Connect with the art in the Special Improvement District

Where is stillness in motion? How can we move with what moves us? How do we negotiate our own mobility while collaborating with an object with mobility at its core? What and where are our brakes? How do we connect with our need for things to pause and stop? How do we encounter something that we are used to completely anew?

Link for more information: https://sewardjohnsonatelier.org/

From modest to grand, budget-friendly to high-end, effective creative placemaking draws crowds. Vibrant spaces lure in businesses, residences, schools, and more, as people gravitate towards lively communities.

Seward Johnson Sculptures in Hackensack

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