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Let's Keep Downtown Hackensack Looking Great!

Flyers and posters and stickers, oh my! Stay off the “Wall of Shame!”

Let’s Keep Downtown Hackensack Looking Great! Here at the Main Street Business Alliance, we’re all about keeping our neighborhood looking sharp and welcoming. We put a lot of work into making sure Downtown Hackensack is a place we all love to be.

Join us in keeping Downtown Hackensack clean by respecting our city's posting guidelines. Learn more!

Lately, we’ve noticed more flyers, stickers, and posters popping up on our street lamps, signs, and windows. We totally get it—you’ve got something exciting to share or promote. However, this goes against our city rules (specifically City Ordinance § 109-7) that don’t allow posting these materials around town.

This kind of stuff makes our streets look messy and believe it or not, cleaning it up costs a pretty penny. More importantly, it takes away from the clean and friendly vibe we’re all trying to maintain in our community.

Stay off the Wall of Shame!

In our office, we have a wall where we keep one of every flyer, poster, or sticker put up on Main Street that we had to take down. This helps us remember who put up something and whom we subsequently contacted (and cc’d the Constable.) We affectionately call it the Wall of Shame. I know, it’s a bit dramatic, and we’ll never show anyone the wall or try to embarrass anyone, but please understand how frustrating it is to have to take down flyers and posters every day when we work so hard to keep Main Street shining and looking great for everyone.

We’re here to help!

So, we kindly ask that you hold off on sticking your flyers around public spaces. There are loads of other ways to get the word out without cluttering up the street. Why not try some digital advertising? Or check out local bulletin boards or even some of the partnership opportunities we offer at the MSBA?

Thanks a bunch for keeping this in mind. Together, we can keep our district not just clean, but downright inviting! Let’s Keep Downtown Hackensack Looking Great!


John T. Peters
Executive Director, Main Street Business Alliance

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