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About this episode:

VIDEO BELOW / AUDIO ABOVE: The MSBA was featured on REMIX Podcast! This episode of The Real Estate Mix is called “Secrets of Business Improvement Districts podcast” and our very own John Peters, Special Improvement District Executive Director of Downtown Hackensack, is the guest speaker. The episode is all about SIDS (Special Improvement Districts) and BIDS (Business Improvement Districts) benefits for business owners and real estate investors to look to move to or open up businesses in cities with these structures in place! Follow us at Downtown Hackensack:    / @downtownhackensack   on YouTube. Plus don’t forget to share with your friends and family. We would love to hear your opinions, so comment below! Thank you for watching. And, if you’re into Real Estate as an industry, make sure you subscribe to the REMIX podcast! 👉 Subscribe now: https://www.youtube.com/@TheRealEstat… CFREE Website: https://www.recareercenter.com/ Follow us on social media: ▶Instagram:   / realestatemixtv   ▶Facebook:   / nynjrealtored   ▶Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7Det2fy…

While our own Special Improvement District Podcast isn’t quite ready to roll out yet, you can enjoy this episode of the REMIX Real Estate Mix.

What you’ll learn in this episode!

In this episode of the REMIX Podcast, titled “Secrets of Business Improvement Districts,” John Peters, the Executive Director of the Main Street Business Alliance (MSBA) for Downtown Hackensack, offers insights into the world of Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). As a guest speaker, Peters delves into the numerous advantages that these districts provide to both business owners and real estate investors.

Throughout the podcast, Peters emphasizes how SIDs and BIDs are pivotal in fostering a supportive environment for businesses. He explains that these districts actively work towards improving the attractiveness and competitiveness of urban areas through various initiatives, including beautification projects, marketing campaigns, and community events. These efforts not only enhance the consumer experience but also contribute to a positive business climate that attracts new investments.

Much of the episode discusses the role of SIDs and BIDs in enhancing public-private partnerships. Peters illustrates how these districts serve as a bridge between the local government and the business community, ensuring that the interests of businesses are well-represented in urban planning and development strategies. This collaborative approach leads to more effective decision-making and implementation of projects that benefit the wider community.

Another critical topic covered in the episode is the impact of SIDs and BIDs on real estate development. Peters highlights how these districts contribute to increasing property values by creating safer, more vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing environments. This, in turn, attracts more residents and businesses to the area, creating a virtuous cycle of investment and improvement.

We talk about challenges as well.

The podcast also touches upon the challenges faced by SIDs and BIDs, such as securing funding and managing stakeholder expectations. Peters shares valuable strategies for overcoming these hurdles, emphasizing the importance of transparent communication, strategic planning, and community engagement.

Be sure to engage with the MSBA and the REMIX Podcast through social media. So, share your thoughts and experiences related to Special Improvement Districts and Business Improvement Districts. The episode concludes with an invitation to subscribe to the REMIX Podcast. Then, you’ll join the community of like-minded individuals interested in the intersection of real estate and urban development.

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