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Bergen Record Lists Hackensack as a Top Place to Rent in NJ

Discover Why Hackensack Is One of the Top Places to Rent in NJ for North Jersey Living

Ever wonder where to live in North Jersey that gives you that perfect mix of city vibe and community warmth? Well, Hackensack is buzzing as the spot to be, especially if you’re on the hunt for that ideal place to call home. A shoutout in the Bergen Record (paywall) recently put Hackensack on the map as one of the top four cities for renters in North Jersey, and let me tell you, it’s not just about the recognition. It’s about what Hackensack truly offers — a blend of modern living and a dash of local charm that’s hard to beat. Plus, you can’t underestimate Hackensack’s advantages, including proximity to New York City, two train stations, and easy access to the rest of Bergen County and beyond via Route 80, Route  4, and Route 17.

A Host of New Apartment Buildings

Okay, let’s dive into what makes Hackensack apartment rentals so appealing. Picture this: New digs like The Brick and The Walcot, right on Main Street, offering chic living spaces where you can really settle in and feel at home. Not far off, The Current and The Print House dish out luxury vibes with rentals that tick all the boxes — stylish, spacious, and smack in the middle of where you want to be. With options in Hackensack starting at $1,500  for cozy studios to $4,500+ for more plush three-bedroom apartments, there’s something for everyone.

But Hackensack is more than just its cool apartments. It’s about a Main Street that’s alive and kicking. We’re proud of our efforts at the Main Street Business Alliance. We’re all about boosting local business with neat initiatives like our Storefront Facade and Sign Grant program, helping shops spruce up and attract more customers.

And, because we all love a clean and pretty streetscape, our Clean & Green squad is on the job, tidying up, and keeping the greenery lush. Plus, the soon-to-launch Dogs of Hackensack program is set to make pet life in the city even better.

Now, let’s talk fun.

Hackensack’s got it! From the buzz of Hackensacktoberfest with its crafty beers and cool crafts to Games on Main, where board game nights bring neighbors together, there’s always something going on. And let’s not forget the Hackensack Performing Arts Center (HACPAC) — a gem that’s all about dazzling shows and awesome art displays.

This whole vibe — the revamped apartments, the bustling Main Street, the community events — it all points to a big yes answering the burning question, “Is Hackensack a good place to live?” Absolutely.

And, it’s not just about the now. The vision and hard work of the Mayor, City Council, and our MSBA Board of Trustees are steering Hackensack toward an even brighter future. Our collective dream? To make Hackensack a beacon for those looking for that perfect blend of modernity, culture, and community warmth in North Jersey.

So, if you’re pondering “Where to live in North Jersey?” or scrolling through lists of “Hackensack apartment rentals,” know that Hackensack isn’t just making lists — it’s setting the standard. It’s about connecting with a community that’s all in on making life here better every day. It’s about finding a place where you not only live but thrive. And yeah, it’s definitely about being in a town that’s recognized not just for its quality of living but for its heart and soul.

Hackensack is that place where you get the best of North Jersey living — exciting, inclusive, and always moving forward. So, whether you’re here for the apartments, the vibe, or the community, you’re in for a treat. Welcome to Hackensack, where life is just better.

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