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Iconic Coffee - Merchant Focus

Hello all! I’m John Peters, the executive director of the Main Street Business Alliance, Inc., and today I want to take a moment to recognize Levar Thomas, the owner of Iconic Coffee, who operates right here in Hackensack, New Jersey, as someone who has truly embodied the art of managing a small business. Levar’s journey with Iconic Coffee is evidence of his commitment, creativity, and sincere love of his work.

You can see that Levar has operated Iconic Coffee in the best possible way for a small business the instant you walk through the door. Firstly, he found the perfect spot. Iconic Coffee, which is located right here on Main Street, has integrated itself into our neighborhood and served as a hub for friends, families, and locals in the business world. It’s the kind of location that draws you in and makes you reluctant to leave once you’re inside.

Levar didn’t just settle for earning a prime spot. He made smart investments to make Iconic Coffee incredibly warm and contemporary. A warm yet modern environment is created by the decor, which is nothing short of amazing. Not to mention the intelligent addition of the distinctive sound booth, which enables remote workers to join Zoom calls without any irritating background noise.

But Levar’s friendly disposition is what really distinguishes him from the others. With a friendly greeting, he makes each customer feel welcome and like a member of the Iconic Coffee family. Serving coffee is only one aspect of the job; another is developing real relationships with each person who enters the building. All who enter Levar’s establishment recognize and value his approachability and kindness.

Above all, Levar’s enthusiasm for his offering is contagious. He can provide you with information about every dish on the menu in such fine detail that you could almost write a book from it. Each cup offered at Iconic Coffee reflects his commitment to finding the best coffee beans and creating the ideal brew. When you go, you experience more than simply a cup of coffee—you experience a bit of Levar’s heart and soul.

Along with these outstanding traits, Levar has used social media to great use to interact with his clients and update the community on the newest products and events at Iconic Coffee. He is creating a brand and a devoted following in addition to managing a coffee shop.

Iconic Coffee and Levar Thomas are good examples of how to manage a small business effectively. Levar’s dedication to excellence is extremely impressive, from creating unique murals to the breathtaking drone footage shot inside and outside his business. The Main Street Business Alliance, Inc. is happy to assist Levar in his endeavors and is glad to have Iconic Coffee as a member of our neighborhood.

Finally, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Levar Thomas for everything that he has done to support the Main Street business community. One cup at a time, he’s not just making coffee; he’s making success. We hope that Iconic Coffee will continue to grow and serve as a model for other businesses. Levar and Iconic Coffee deserve a toast!

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